Why Study Right ZA?

The Study Right (ZA) course has been designed predominantly to help children in Grades 6 to 8, but can be adapted for younger or older children. They learn how to study effectively, using their individual learning styles. The course was first developed by Karen Gottschalk some years ago, and has been constantly adapted and improved to incorporate new research.

The course has been presented to several schools in Cape Town, South Africa. Children of varying abilities and backgrounds found it enormously helpful. Teachers commented on how much participants enjoyed and benefited from the skills they learned, as they learned to study confidently, effectively and independently.

The material is suitable for use in the classroom or in the home. It works best if the teacher or parent watches the video with the children and monitors their work.

About the Developer


Karen Gottschalk first trained as a regular primary school teacher, and then specialized in remedial education. It was as a remedial teacher that she became aware of the great need of teaching all children how to study for tests and examinations. This led to the development of the study skills course, which she presented to several schools over the years.

Since the development of the first course, teaching study skills became a passion for Karen. It was a joy to see children gaining the confidence and ability to study independently. She continued researching and developing the course over the next two decades, trying out new ideas with her pupils to see what worked best. Finally she was challenged by a friend to make the course more widely available so that many more children would benefit from the skills imparted. This led to her developing the ten-lesson teaching video and writing the accompanying workbook, for Grades 6 – 8.