Learning Styles: Make Studying Easier

Does your child know his or her own learning style? Knowing their learning style and using study strategies suitable for that style, can make learning quicker, easier and more effective. Children will feel more comfortable with those methods and achieve success. ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL Children learn in different ways. One way is […]


Step-by-Step To Successful Studying

Many children have no idea of how to study. They do not know where to begin, what to do first or, once begun, how to proceed. This article will explain the basic steps to follow in order to study well. STEPS TO STUDYING STEP 1: MENTAL WARM-UP When an athlete participates in any sport, he […]


Improve Concentration: Take Notes

Many children find it difficult to concentrate in class. They hear someone drop their pencil case, and that sets off a train of thought. They see a spider up on the wall, and that sets off another train of thought. Their tummy rumbles, and they start thinking about eating their lunch, wondering how long it […]

Childhood Abuse

Were You the Victim of Childhood Abuse?

By Peggy McAloon, author of “Elle Burton and the Reflective Portals” available on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1pF9f8i Copies are also available on the website http://peggymcaloon.com The years following my car accident in 1978 were filled with challenges. I lost my sense of smell and taste. I couldn’t remember things for more than a few minutes. I had […]

learning while you sleep

Learning While You Sleep

A lot has been written about sleep. Many studies into the quality and quantity of sleep have been done. Does this have any bearing on our children and their learning? Let’s have a look at some research. Scientists have known for decades that much consolidation of learning and memory occurs during sleep. Our brains do […]


Exercise and Health for Effective Learning

Our bodies are designed to move.  Primary school children should not be idle for more than two hours at a time.  They need to run, jump and climb in order to grow into healthy adults.  Give children toys that will make them move around, such as a skipping rope, Frisbee, bats and balls. Make exercise […]

Good food

Nutrition And Your Studies – Good Food

Good food choices make a difference! Eating the correct food can improve your studying, whereas eating the wrong food can seriously affect your ability to study well. It is important to choose foods that have essential nutrients in them, as these can help your brain work to its optimal level. Our brains need Essential Fatty […]


Nutrition And Your Studies – Foods to Avoid

Avoid highly processed foods, as these have largely been robbed of their nutritional value. These types of foods include crisps, candy, sugary foods and drinks, and foods made mostly from white flour, e.g cookies, cakes and pastries. Sugar robs the body of vitamins and minerals and can increase hyperactivity. Beware of the sugar that is […]

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