Q: Is the Study Right course suitable for all learners, or is it aimed at children with specific needs?
A: The course is designed for use by all children in Grades 6 – 8, but can be adapted for lower or higher grades.

Q: What about bright children? Would they need it, too?
A: It is of great benefit for bright children to do the course, as they learn skills which will help them to study efficiently, even to tertiary level. Often bright children do well in primary school, but their results start dropping the higher they go through the grades.

Q: Would the Study Right (ZA) course be suitable for children from a variety of cultural backgrounds?
A: The course was designed to have universal appeal.  It has already been successfully used with children from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

Q: Can I view the Workbook before purchase?

A: Lesson One of both the Workbook and DVD may be viewed on line, free of charge. The link is available on the Home Page.

Q: How do I obtain copies of the Programme for my students?
A: The Programme may be purchased by contacting Study Right (ZA) directly via the CART page.

Q: May I make copies of the Workbook for my class?
A: No. Each student requires their own book in order to work through the exercises and develop a pride in their work.

Q: May I lend my Programme to another user or school?
A: Only the purchaser may use the Programme.

Q: What does ‘Copyright’ mean?
A: Copyright means that the book or video may not be copied by any means whatsoever, without prior written permission of the author or developer. Copyright is an international legal agreement arising from the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works of 1908.

Q: How does Copyright affect the purchaser of the Study Right Workbook and DVD?
A: The purchaser will contravene international law in respect of the Berne Convention should he or she make copies of the material.

Q: How do I obtain extra copies of the Workbook?
A: Extra copies of the Workbook are available for purchase via the CART page.

Q: May I purchase only a few lessons?
A: No, the course needs to be purchased in its entirety.

Q: Do I need both the DVD and the Workbook?
A: Yes. The lessons are presented on the DVD. The Workbook contains lesson notes, with opportunity to practise the new skills.

Q: Is the course aimed at individual children or schools?
A: The course is designed primarily for use in the classroom, but has been most successfully used by individuals at home.

Q: Can children simply watch the DVD and complete the exercises in the Workbook independently?
A: Children would gain greatest benefit if a teacher or parent guides them through the process.

Q: May schools obtain extra hard copies of the Workbooks?

A: Extra Workbooks may be ordered via the CART page.

Q: How would the purchaser receive copies purchased?
A: Study Right (ZA) will mail orders via registered post to the purchaser within three business days of receiving payment.

Q: What does Registration mean? What is one registering for?

A: When you visit the Registration section, we request your email address so that we may keep you informed of updates, study hints, useful articles and new material. We will not share or sell your contact information to third parties.

Q: What are the squiggly numbers and letters in the little box on the Register page?

A: The numbers and letters are a once-off security code, which must be entered in the little box next to it. This is to verify that you are an actual person and not simply a computer operated system. It also helps to keep away spambots. (programmes designed to send mass junk email).