Learning Styles: Make Studying Easier

Does your child know his or her own learning style? Knowing their learning style and using study strategies suitable for that style, can make learning quicker, easier and more effective. Children will feel more comfortable with those methods and achieve success.


Children learn in different ways. One way is not necessarily better than another, it is simply different. There are three main learning styles through which information goes into the brain:
• Visual learning style, using the eyes. Children learn by looking at pictures and colours, remembering the layout of a page and forming images in their brain.
• Auditory learning style, using the ears. Children learn by listening to information.
• Kinesthetic learning style, using the muscles and hands. Children like to move around whilst learning.
Many children have mainly one learning style, while some have two learning styles, and some even have a combination of all three learning styles.


The Study Right (ZA) course provides a questionnaire in Lesson Two, which children can complete to discover their learning style. Throughout the subsequent lessons, each new method that is presented indicates which learning style it is most suitable for. Children can therefore select the most suitable methods for themselves.
It is important to note that although a child may have one learning style, it would benefit him if he also incorporates methods that are suitable for other learning styles. The more modalities (or senses) he uses, the quicker learning will be. Learning is a bit like filling a swimming pool. If only one hosepipe is used, it will take a long time to fill the pool. If many hosepipes are used simultaneously, the pool will fill up a lot more quickly.
Follow the link below for some study methods for the different learning styles.

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