Hi I’m Leah. Last year I struggled with studying and remembering my work. I was introduced to the Study Right course and it helped me concentrate and to think clearly. It showed me that it is important to create a studying environment, for example always open a window to let fresh air in your room and you must sit at a desk in an upright chair. This course was extremely helpful and I’m sure it will help you.
Leah-Rose Platt, Grade 7.

My name is Ami and I did the Study Right course last year (2013) just before the final exams.
I enjoyed doing the lessons with the book and the DVD, and learnt new ways of remembering my work. It was very easy to follow and I started to use the methods for my exams.
My results improved so much that my teacher even noticed the difference. I got my best report ever and made my parents very proud.

Ami Katzeff, learner

I am a mother of four and have found that the Study Right course has helped my last child tremendously with her studying in that she remembers her content subjects much better. She had a problem with concentration at the beginning of her school career, but with time has managed to improve, although her results could have been better.
I did the Study Right course with her and found it was actually fun and easy. Since completing the course, she has been able to get much better marks for most of her learning subjects, due to the fact that she has learnt various methods to remember her work.
I would recommend to any parent to get the course and do it with their child.

Helen Katzeff, mother Edgemead

I found it helpful to find out what my learning style is and learn lots of techniques.

Chiaron Spokes, learner


The course is concise and easy to understand. It explains everything logically in a way that anyone can understand. I found many of the ideas very helpful.

Daniel Phillips, learner


The Study Right course has been very favourably received by pupils and parents alike. The course offers a practical approach to studying.

Linda Martin, Deputy Principal, Herschel Girls’ Preparatory School

I used the course for my Grades 8, 9 and 10, adapting it slightly for the older children. I found it to be straightforward and easy to work with. The lessons each presented something new, whilst repeating and integrating skills from the previous lessons. I loved the illustrations and found the fonts and layout attractive and compelling. The exercises on each skill presented interesting data and were in themselves fascinating and informative. I particularly enjoyed the 4-step approach – warm-up skim; reading aloud; detailed study and note-taking; and re-teach aloud.

The approach simplified and organised study skill methods under the following sections:

  • Preparing for Study: Key words and 4-step approach; summaries; spider diagrams; mindmaps; Right and Left Brain activities.
  • Memorising for Tests and Exams: Mnemonics; recording; acting and singing; body percussion; word association.
  • Writing Tests and Exams: Trigger words: what, where, when, which, why, who, diagrams; mindmaps; Right and Left Brain activities. body percussion; word association. how?; brainstorming for essays; where and when to study, timetables, relaxing exercises.

All in all, I really enjoyed my journey through the skills and would highly recommend this innovative and thorough Course!

Barbara Wellbeloved, Educator, Progress College

Thank you for helping me with your study methods. I find them very useful. My marks improved from 50% to 70%.

Gadieja Fortune, learner


I can highly recommend this course as it helped me increase my marks a lot. In college I am even reaching 90% because of the skills I learned.

Mymoena Fortune, learner


I was always impressed by the students who had taken the Study Right course. They gained valuable skills and coped more easily with studying.

Michelle Dudley, Grade 7 teacher, Kronendal Primary School


My daughter attended your Study Right course. The skills she gleaned from the course have been enormously useful to her and have contributed not only to her academic achievements, but also towards her attitude towards learning. She has become far more positive about studying, and perhaps this is because she now knows how to do so!

Marianne Lancefield, mother